St. B's Teen Volunteer Form
Connecting People, Utilizing Gifts.
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* Areas where children are invited to volunteer with a parent or other adult family member.

Mass Ministers
C Children's Liturgy
2 times a month, during Mass, volunteers do not need to attend a second Mass
Caring for our youngest - Parish Nursery
Liturgy Signup (opens a new page) C Children's Liturgy of the Word * C Help during Mass *
Helping our toddlers learn through activities - PreK
C Help for Special Events *
C C Pre-K Teacher C C
C C Pre-K Teacher Helper * C C

Help with Special Events - Seasonal Help C Plant Care C It's special reception time! Social Ministries & Baking
Decorate for Christmas and Easter * C Seasonal Plant Care for Church C 1-2 Times a Year
Video Tape Special Activities C Adopt a Flowebed and maintain it C Bake for Parish Receptions *
Take photos of parish activities C Adopt an Area (Flowerbed Care) C Make Sandwiches for Special Events *
First Reconciliation Workshop Help * C C C Help Serve at Receptions
First Eucharist Workshop Help * C C C First Communion Reception
Help with Fun Day for Children with Disabilities (June) C C C Bake-Scholarship Bakesale
Sort Christmas Gifts C C C C
Crop Walk C C C C
Soup Kitchen Help During Lent C C C C
Parish Picnic Help, Nov. 8 C C C C
Thanksgiving Food Drive C C C C

Special Projects C Blood Donors & Health Ministries C
Praise the Lord through Music
Webpage Programming (H.S. Students) C Blood Donor - Age 16+ C Life Teen Choir
Table-Chair Set-up, as needed C C C Instrumentalist
Remove Candle Wax from floor and candlesticks C C C C

Making a connection by telephone.
30 minutes a Month or Less C Eucharistic Adoration (1 Hour a Month) C C
Call a Volunteer to Remind them of their Shift C Prayer Heartline (Pray for Parish Prayer Requests) C C
General Telephone Calling C C C C

Is there a need that St. B's can help you with? (prayers, questions, etc.?)
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